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Ixora Technologies Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company established in June, 1999 by experienced professionals together with young energetics and creative  individuals to provide a one stop centre in interactive multimedia developments and productions. The IMG_3930company is now focusing more on marketing, developing and producing Digital Business Cards. Our expertise is in applying interactive multimedia to corporate communications. Our mission is to assist our clients to excel in their business world through applying the latest technologies. Digital Business Card is of course one of the tools.

In relations to that, we provides five main services, namely:


  1. Developing interactive multimedia presentations. We use Macromedia Director 8 and other authoring tools to create stunning and high impact on interactive multimedia presentations. It can completely customisable to meet the needs of your projects.
  2. Replicating the Digital Business Cards for you. Their contents however, can be in interactive multimedia, audio or video format. We replicate them in various shapes or sizes according to your designs or needs. In addition to that, we are also replicate the conventional CDs.
  3. Custom and professional artwork, layout, and printing services Our team of specialists are also capable of applying the graphic designs and desk top publishing concepts for whatever purpose. We can design the front part of the Digital Business Card for silk screening process; in-lay label for jewel box of your conventional CDs or we can also design for your promotional leaflets and print them.
  4. Packaging is of course equally important. Our services includes shrink wrapping and carton boxed in a very neat and safe conditions.
  5. Delivery to your door is our guaranteed service. We have made the arrangement with international courier services and established forwarding agents to deliver your orders on time.

You may aware that Malaysia is one of the best producer and exporter of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related products besides many other industries. This is due to the fact that Malaysia’s vision to be Silicon Valley in Asia through Multimedia Super Corridor’s program backed by the Government.

Learn also the reason why Malaysia’s products are ¬†very competitive in the world market especially after the era of the economic downturn in South East Asia. One obvious reason would be our currency. The conversion was US$1.00 equivalent to RM2.50 (plus minus 5 percents) before that era and now it was set at RM3.80 per US$1.00.

Ask for a quote in all or any of the five services listed above or you maybe interested in helping us to market our products in your area. What ever it maybe, we are more than happy to communicate with you for a mutually beneficial relationship.


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