All About Telemarketing Malaysia

If you’re wondering about the state of telemarketing in Malaysia, the truth is that it’s really no different from the other types of telemarketing that’s happening everywhere else in the world – a telemarketer calls different people during the day and then offers them what the company he is marketing is offering to customers.
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The only difference with telemarketing Malaysia is that it is by and for the people in Malaysia. Malaysia is probably the one country in the world that is unique for having three sets of ethnic groups – Chinese, Malay and Indian. These ethnic groups have preserved their roots and have a different sub-culture. At least that’s what I learned from some Malaysians that I met at a seminar some time ago.

If you are expanding your company to Malaysia, you can expect to do a little more research than you would if you were to expand in other countries. You can’t market to different people using the same sales pitch and expect it to work. Remember, different culture almost always means different hot buttons that you need to push for that sale.

But then again, there are commonalities that you can hack on. For example, all parents regardless of their nationalities, are always concerned for the welfare of their children. So, if you have a product like an education plan, you can bank on that to get more sales from parents who only want the best for their children.

And as for doing the actually telemarketing itself, there are actually many telemarketing companies in Malaysia that you can talk to meet your telemarketing needs. If you don’t know where to find them, you can always go to Google and search for “telemarketing Malaysia.” You should be able to find several telemarketing companies in Malaysia that can help get more sales. If you can’t find anything on Google, you can always try LinkedIn and search for people who are marketing telemarketing services,

I did some telemarketing some time ago and it was probably the most stressful experience in my life. I didn’t mind the people who didn’t pick up their phones, it’s the ones who did that really stressed me it. Only a few people were polite. And the mean ones were not only mean, they sometimes expellled expletives. So even if I were paid $20,000 per month, I would NOT do it all over again.

But the pay offs for the company that is paying to do it are really handsome, otherwise nobody would bother paying for them. Anyway, if you’re wondering if you should do telemarketing, I think that you should, however, you should only do it if you have a very good offer that is useful to a lot of people, otherwise, you’d be nothing more than a pesky nuisance that can ruin their day.

Wherever you may be in the world, there are many telemarketing companies out there who can do the hard work of marketing to people on the phone.

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